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Well I haven`t updated in about 58290347895 years. oh well. Bare with me D:

I want to go the AFI concert so bad. But noooo. My mom won`t let me go, just because it`s one freaking hour from my house. I was like "WTF?!?!?". She won`t even let me go if someone else drives me.

My mom made it a "rule" that I cannot go to any more concerts until I`m 17. What the hell? I`ve been to two freaking concerts in my whole life. Sure, the last concert cost 50$ a ticket, but that was a present. And just because there was a few drunk people & druggies, she won`t let me go. (Haha... it was more like half of the people there)

She lovesssssss AFI, but she still won`t take me and Anna. Makes me so mad, she thinks I`m still going to be living in her house when I`m 45.

If you actually read all that, you must be pretty bored. Ha.

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