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Well I haven`t updated in about 58290347895 years. oh well. Bare with me D:

I want to go the AFI concert so bad. But noooo. My mom won`t let me go, just because it`s one freaking hour from my house. I was like "WTF?!?!?". She won`t even let me go if someone else drives me.

My mom made it a "rule" that I cannot go to any more concerts until I`m 17. What the hell? I`ve been to two freaking concerts in my whole life. Sure, the last concert cost 50$ a ticket, but that was a present. And just because there was a few drunk people & druggies, she won`t let me go. (Haha... it was more like half of the people there)

She lovesssssss AFI, but she still won`t take me and Anna. Makes me so mad, she thinks I`m still going to be living in her house when I`m 45.

If you actually read all that, you must be pretty bored. Ha.

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aww that suckss
AFI is the coolest band aroundd

so far i've only been to 2 concerts also, N'Sync and Britney spears.
um yeah
omg that stinks! Same here though! my mom wont let me go to the Paramore concert in seattle and its only about an hour away too. -_- it's just stupid because they are AHHHHHMAZING and like they are really good and young so they wont be all crazy and swearing and like, my brother went a blink 182 concert when he was like, 13!!!! i'm going to be 13 soon. and OMG BLINK 182 WAS SO INNAPROPRIATE (sp?) she said. they were apparently like showing the crowd how to wipe their asses with toilet paper...? =|